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NJMCDirect: It is the duty of every citizen to follow the traffic rules laid by the transport department in order to reduce accidents. Though the government orders everyone to strictly follow the rules and regulations, few people disobey them. However, they will get penalized by the respective authority for overruling the traffic guidelines. The traffic officer will charge you for violating the traffic rules. People living in New Jersey can get the traffic ticket on hand or check it on NJMCDirect portal by entering your vehicle details. And pay motor vehicle parking tickets online@ www.njmcdirect.com i.e NJMCDirect portal.

What is NJMC Direct?

NJMCdirect is an online portal to pay your traffic violation fines rather to stand-in queue at the courthouse. Does anyone like to waste their time to pay their pending traffic violation fines in the city centre? No, not at all. If you’re a citizen of New Jersey, then it would be easy for you to pay traffic bills online. It is because the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission has provided an online portal to handle this issue. Using NJMCDirect to pay your traffic violations will be an easiest mode of payment than to pay in person. This helps you in saving your time and there would be no need to stand in a queue.


www.NJMCDirect.com is the official website dedicated to all the people living in New Jersey to pay their bills online. Sometimes, you may find this page showing server down. In such cases, be right back in an hour or in some time and try processing your payment online. 

NJMCDirect Traffic Ticket Payment Rules

To complete the payment process online, you need to follow the NJMCDirect Traffic Ticket payment rules listed here. 

  • This official portal is under the surveillance of government authority so one cannot try to take any illegal actions. 
  • In case of any issues, do contact the Municipal court directly instead of co-users. 
  • The payment processed once cannot be returned back so be sure before you process any ticket payment. 
  • One can pay only traffic and parking bills at NJMCdirect.com. 
  • Your payment will not get processed if you try paying after the available hours disclosed on the website. 

In short, one who fails to follow these rules is not eligible to complete their payment online.

How to pay Motor Vehicle Parking Ticket at NJMCDirect Portal At WWW.NJMCDirect.COM

For paying your traffic violation fees using simple and secure payment process, follow the steps given below. 

  • First of all, visit the official website of NJMC Direct at www.njmcdirect.com.
  • Once you visit the homepage of the NJMC website, your browser will redirect you to portal.njcourts.gov.
  • In the payment section, tap on view and pay your ticket online.
  • You need to enter some details like Court ID displayed in the bill filed on your vehicle.
  • Usually, the court ID consists of four digits in length.
  • The code can be easily seen on the traffic ticket imposed on your vehicle.
  • Next, enter your prefix code as printed on your ticket.
  • In addition to that code, enter your ticket number which you can find them at top of your ticket.
  • In the next step, enter your license plate number which is also mentioned in your NJMC traffic ticket.
  • After entering all the essential details in respective places, click on the continue button.
  • Then you will get directed to the payment page.
  • Choose VISA or MasterCard card mode of payment to pay the bill laid on your NJMC traffic ticket.
  • When you are done with processing the bank request, you can see the receipt showing no pending bills. 

Follow the instructions of the NJMC Direct portal for processing your payment.

What are the benefits of accessing NJMCDirect Pay Portal?

Many people use the NJMC Direct portal because it is an effective way of making traffic ticket payments online. Paying your traffic fees online is more convenient, instead of paying in person at court premises. Apart from this, there are so many reasons why people pay their tickets using this online portal. 


Using NJMC direct, you need only a few minutes to complete your payment process. The website despite, gives you demos of how to make payment using it. This way, you can easily find the required details of your NJMC traffic violation charge to pay your ticket. NJMCdirect reduces human effort in visiting court and it is the easiest and fast mode of paying your tickets online. 


NJMC Direct is a secure portal, which uses the security technology of New Jersey. The New Jersey Court really cares for the personal security of every user. There is no need to worry about your personal details in NJMC direct and also it secures your payment details like card details and pin etc.


Before this NJMC direct portal exists, people used to pay their ticket charges in person and should go to the courthouse. Besides, some people pay their charges through check or mailing a certain amount to the given postal address. But, now using the NJMC direct pay portal, it is more convenient to people for making payments online. This makes people save their time and concentrate on their particular works.

NJMC Direct Pay Portal – payment hours

This website provides some particular times, in which the payment should be done. So, we come to know that this service is not available in 24 hours. The NJMCDirect pay portal ticket service is available in the following online payment hours.

Online Payment Hours:

  • From Monday to Thursday: the starting hours is 7:30 am and it will be up to 11:45 pm.
  • On Friday you can process your payment during the times – 7:30 am to 10:45 pm only.
  • On Saturday, the payment process will be opened from morning 7:30 am to 3:45 pm in the evening.
  • During Sunday’s, the payment process will be from 1 pm to 11:45 pm in the evening.

Make sure to pay your ticket charges before the due date or else, you will be added additional charges and penalty on your License. However, extra charges will be laid on every person who fails to pay at the court also. Whatever may be the mode of payment, just pay before you run out of the time.

Above all, if you have any issues with payment, do contact us or contact the official website.


As mentioned above, you can now enjoy paying your traffic and parking tickets at NJMCdirect portal. And, this is the easiest way of making payment of your traffic fines. Hope, you will have many benefits with this mode of payment than visiting the court.